Juraj Prodaj

Personalised wooden plaque with the names and date of your choice. Size approximately 18cmx18cmx2cm. All I need is the dates and names you would like to have on your gift.The wooden heart can be dispatched within 3 working days.

Custom made sign on solid wood

Copyright Juraj Prodaj 2015

Photograph from Bain Collection (Library of Congress).


Prices start from - £95 for painting of one person on wood size 20cmx25cm.

                               - £65 for drawing of one person on paper size 21cmx29cm.

All I need is a photo of the person, house.... you would like to have portrayed.

You can e-mail it to me @ juprodaj@hotmail.co.uk.

It usually takes 2 weeks to finish one picture.

Paintings of people, animals, houses and signs on wood or paper.